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Merge Studio: Fashion Makeover Merge Studio: Fashion Makeover

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Merge Studio Fashion Makeover MOD INFO? Freeze Diamods Freeze Coin Freeze Energy

Merge Studio combines the thrill of puzzle and merge games with the excitement of fashion makeover to deliver creativity and fun. Play with makeup, design new hairstyles and nails for him, dress your models in the latest clothes and create amazing accessories. A wide range of cosmetics and beauty products can be used to create the ultimate fantasy look and watch your models shine on the podium.

As a fashion stylist, I have a client who brings me a transformational project. Gives an amazing new look. From skincare to manicures and pedicures, we take care of every aspect of their appearance, making them feel confident and beautiful.

When using MergeStudio:
With Fashion Makeover you can become an expert in makeup, hair, clothing and accessories. You can access a wide range of cosmetics such as mascara, eyelashes and skin care products to create stunning looks that will wow your clients. You can also experiment with different clothing styles and accessories, from jewelry to handbags, to create the perfect outfit for any occasion.

The game has an exciting story mode where you will work with different models and clients, each with their own style and taste. You have to create the perfect look and makeup for each of them based on their requirements and the latest fashion trends. The game also includes his ASMR mode, where you can relax and unwind while aiming for the top of the fashion world.

Merge Studio lets you experience the thrill of the fashion industry and become the ultimate fashion stylist. Download the game now and get ready to unleash your inner beauty artist! Makeup, puzzles, merge, match, games, dress up, makeover and fashion are waiting for you!

Merge Studio:
Fashion Makeover is her 3D makeup and dress up game for girls. You embark on an amazing makeover journey to become the best fashion blogger. Put your makeup and disguise skills to the test to create chic and fashionable outfits for your clients. As a fashion designer, you will discover your dream wardrobe, decorate your studio with striking decorations, and redesign your salon to make it every fashionista's paradise. With the help of our inspiring stylists, you'll master the art of coordinating and combining clothing, shoes, accessories, and even decorative items to create the most stylish and varied looks.

Merge Studio offers many exciting features that will make your makeover journey even more special. Unleash special occasions such as dates, movies, and even weddings that require clients to dress like supermodels. It also helps people who need to change their lives, such as a handsome prince or an ugly duckling who seeks a glimmer of glory. Also, if you like handicrafts, you can choose your own bracelets, glasses, and even socks to dress up and customize. The game also features a spa and facial makeover simulator that will allow you to create the most stunning hairstyles for your clients.

With Merge Studio, you become a master of fashion and well-being and a star of the fashion world. Join the fashion adventure now!


Combine items to discover hundreds of unique and useful tools for transformations!
Use powerful boosters to reach your goals!
Choose from gorgeous clothes and hairstyles to give your clients the perfect makeover!
Acquire new customers by completing challenging and addictive quests!
Earn surprise rewards at the end of each level!
Merge Studio is completely internet free and does not require WiFi.
Start merging for endless fun!

A redesigned user interface is the most notable change Merge Studio customers can expect. Create something unique and exciting and perfect it until it becomes a work of art. It's up to you to apply cosmetics, choose clothes and accessories, decide on hairstyles, and makeovers. Each client has different goals and building confidence in them is key to realizing their full potential. These restrictions force them to seek advice from experts like you. Merge Studio:
Fashion Makeover Merge Studio:
fashion makeover
Show others your beauty skills

You love doing makeup, dressing, and being stylish because you make your clients' dreams come true. We will solve all the troubles of guests regardless of gender. Use everything you have and be a completely different customer. They arrived in pristine condition, but when they departed they experienced an incredible and dramatic transformation. Glossy cosmetics, freshly washed and styled hair, and elegant, glamorous and beautiful clothing. Customers are always frustrated because they can't always do their best.

Consider honing your skills as a beauty artist and opening a makeshift salon. As you get used to the work, the speed at which you become beautiful will increase rapidly. We can do more for our guests. The restaurant grounds began to expand and facilities were improved. Support more people in a day without burning out. Your hospitality will melt the hearts of even the most discerning guests. Thanks to your unrivaled talent in the beauty industry, you can count on bringing a new look to your customers.
Merge Studio:

When you visit Merge Studio, you'll be presented with a matrix of match-3 puzzles. Combines rectangles with the same symbol into one column. If 3 squares are aligned, it will disappear instantly, but if 4-5 squares are aligned, an explosive force will be generated. First, there are cosmetics, personal care products such as hair dryers, as well as various clothing and shoes. Players must collect enough resources to provide their customers with the necessary tools for skinning. Certain items must be collected before proceeding to the next level. Axes, Hammers, and Stars can smash tiles that block the completion of a row.
new outfit

Choose a shirt to match your pants or skirt and pair it with items of the same color. This gives clients confidence that their appearance matches the position they are applying for. Read carefully so as not to deviate from the current topic and pay close attention to customer requirements. Everyone has a schedule, so it's important to dress appropriately. The player her character should have an extensive wardrobe full of clothing and fashion accessories. Earrings, necklaces, hair bows and even leather heels and sneakers are allowed. Merge Studio:
Fashion Makeover Merge Studio:
fashion makeover
all kinds of cosmetics

Face shapes and sizes are all different, so uniform makeup is impossible. Check the strengths and weaknesses of the customer's face to decide whether to apply foundation. Apply a foundation that is as close as possible to the client's natural skin tone, especially around the eyes, lips and cheeks. A haircut that achieves a striking look that complements a person's facial structure. For men it is faster but less accessible. You should also change clothes if necessary, apply light makeup, and then clean up.

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